about oreo's animal rescue


Oreo’s Animal Rescue is a nonprofit adoption guarantee organization committed to improving the lives of all animals. As an adoption guarantee organization, we embrace all animals and do not believe in the process of destroying them to control pet overpopulation. No animal in our control is ever euthanized unless they are suffering or considered dangerous. We believe that a strict spay and neuter policy is the only way to truly impact the number of unwanted animals in our community.

Run solely by volunteers and with the support of temporary foster care, we operate through the West Dakota Vet Clinic while working to find loving permanent families to adopt the pets at Oreo’s Animal Rescue. We take pride in working together to enhance our community for all the people and animals within it. It is our goal to educate people on the importance of responsible pet ownership, population control, and the lifelong commitment you make when you share your home with a pet.

Help us with Donation

If you are unable to adopt, please consider helping our cause with a tax-deductable donation to Oreo’s Animal Rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization. Suggested donation amounts:

  • $25 – Feeds 2 cats for 4 weeks
  • $50 – Feeds 1 dog for 6 weeks
  • $75 – Vaccinates 10 pets for rabies
  • $150 – Sponsors 10 S.N.I.P. discounts

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